Lang Lang

Bugatti to unveil 'Lang Lang' Veyron at Qatar motor show

Special Grand Sport Vitesse celebrates famous Chinese pianist
By: Jake Lingeman on 2/18/2014 -
Bugatti will reveal another special edition of the Grand Sport Vitesse called “Lang Lang” at the 2014 Qatar International Motor Show later this month, built to honor the Chinese pianist. We're assuming this is one of the 40 convertibles the company needs to sell before it starts building new cars.
The two-tone exterior features lots of polished black carbon fiber that's really set off by the “Blanc Atalante” white accents. 24-carat-gold plating adorns the “EB” logos. Black and polished diamond-cut wheels contribute to the keyboard look.
Inside, the seats, roofliner and footwells are covered in black leather, while white stitching on the side bolsters, steering wheel and gear shifter provide the accents. A ring on the wheel marks top dead center. The door cladding and cowl are in white, with stave lines in black stitching surrounding the door handles. The EB logos here are in piano black on the white background...