Lang Lang


The 29 year old international star embodies many of the values that Telefónica adheres to, combining talent with a commitment to society and technological know-how.
Lang Lang has transcended the boundaries of classical music. He has millions of fans all over the world and represents the new face of China in an open and totally connected world.
During the course of the three-year agreement, Telefónica and Lang Lang will jointly develop common objectives in the area of broadband, mobility, and digital TV, among others.
Madrid, 20 June 2011 – Telefónica will be the only telecommunications company whose brand will be linked (for the next three years) to the name of the world's leading classical pianist: Chinese musician, Lang Lang. The two parties recently signed an agreement that makes Lang Lang Telefónica’s international brand ambassador.
The world-renowned 29 year old pianist will become an ambassador for Telefónica’s institutional brand and values, many of which are shared and promoted by both parties: Technological know-how, a commitment to sustainable growth and social responsibility, a desire to change the world through talent in all spheres and a clear international focus.
Lang Lang, heralded by The New York Times as the “hottest artist on the classical music planet”, and by Time magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world, has transcended the boundaries of classical music to reach millions of people across the globe, especially young people who find in him the inspiration they need to achieve their goals.
The young Chinese pianist, whose performance at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was watched by 5,000 million people, has played in all the world’s major cities and represents the face and future and of the new China, in a world that is open and fully connected. Lang Lang has been described by the specialist press and the world’s most demanding critics as “a virtuoso, talented, sensitive, modern, Cosmopolitan, full of entrepreneurial spirit, an artistic and spiritual master. In one word, a genius".
Joint actions in different fields
During the course of this three-year agreement, Telefónica and Lang Lang will jointly carry out various special actions in different fields. In the technological area, through the development of projects linked to broadband, mobility, social networks and digital TV, combining Forefront technology with the power of music.
Second, in the cultural arena, with exclusive performances for Telefónica customers and partners in all regions where the company operates (Spain, Europe, Latin America and China). Lang Lang will also take part in Telefónica in-house conventions, where he will perform and also share with company professionals his views on leadership and talent development. .
In terms of commitment to society and education, an area in which the Chinese pianist is particularly involved, the Fundación Telefónica and the Lang Lang International Music Foundation will come together to develop musical training among young people, as both performers and spectators. The artist will also take part in Telefónica’s main international charity initiatives, such as the Proniño programme to provide schooling for children in Latin America, or the Ability Awards for companies that best involve the disabled in their value chain.
Lang Lang will take part in Telefónica’s global advertising strategy and will be the image for the company’s products, services and devices under its different commercial brands (O2, Movistar and Vivo), but always linked to the latest telecommunications technology.
Through these actions, Telefónica, the leading international integrated telecommunications company in terms of number of customers will be supported by the renowned talent of the world's most influential pianist, to strengthen its brand image in strategic markets and forge closer relations with key audiences.