Lang Lang

Press Quotes on Lang Lang's Chamber Music Album


"When famous soloists play chamber music together the result can be a battle of egos or the creation of a whole greater than its parts. On this recording, in performances of two romantic Russian works ideally suited to their temperaments, three superstar virtuosos succeed in merging without submerging their over-life-size personalities...the playing is spectacular. Repin's tone, with its vibrant, expressive intensity and incredible purity, is uniquely beautiful; Lang Lang's whether delicate or powerful, is consistently singing...Maisky contributes a strong foundation and much dramatic tension...This is a truly special, thrilling recording."

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American Record Guide

"This is a moving, often exciting, sometimes outright playful performance...recorded sound is spectacular...if you agree that the purpose of music is to transmit emotion more directly and purely than any other art form, you'll find plenty to enjoy here."

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