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The Flying Machine screening

Academy Award winning British film producer Hugh Welchman will host the World Exclusive Preview screening of his new 3D family film adventure, The Flying Machine at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th February 2011.
After winning the 2008 Oscar® for stop-frame animation Peter & the Wolf, BreakThru Films are once again breaking new ground, combining their world-class animation skills with the latest 3D technology to create an unforgettable visual experience.
The Flying Machine is a spectacular 3D film adventure for the whole family, combining live action and stop motion animation. Chopin’s timeless music provides the inspiration for this modern fairy tale, which stars Heather Graham and super‐star pianist Lang Lang, who also performs the soundtrack.
BreakThru have chosen to preview their 3D film at this prestigious music venue, making it not only a first in the Royal Festival Hall’s history but also for the Film industry. The audience will be given 3D glasses to view the film, giving them an all-consuming 3D experience previously restricted to cinemas.
The Flying Machine – Synopsis
One family must take to the skies in an amazing Flying Machine to travel home, criss‐crossing the world, and experiencing a series of action packed, life‐affirming adventures along the way.
Heather Graham plays Georgie, a very modern woman in need of a magical wake‐up call. Trying to squeeze an executive career and single‐parenting into one schedule, she has lost sight of the real "home" she has in her children, and of the beauty at the heart of her own soul...That is until she meets Lang Lang and takes a journey on The Flying Machine.
Producer Hugh Welchman said “Our aim with The Flying Machine is to make a film that will push the boundaries of family animation. The combination of cutting edge live action, amazing computer generated visual effects, state‐of‐the‐art 3‐D technology together with Chopin’s timeless composing and Lang Lang’s kinetic piano playing, will create a truly moving and entertaining film for families of all ages.”
The Chopin Score
Produced as part of a wider celebration of Chopin’s 200th anniversary, The Flying Machine takes the eternally fascinating and affecting Études and crafts a celebration of the role that music and dance play in our lives, especially in our first pre-teen steps into the adult world. Lang Lang said: "I started, by watching Tom and Jerry, to get into classical music and to get into piano playing, animation and music is always connected so closely... I must say this has been an enormously great pleasure for me to be a part of this film and to share Chopin's music with everyone across the world, through this creative idea and movie."
Recognising the multi-platform world we live in today, BreakThru Films has produced alongside the feature film, and will be launching in the near future a full series of 24 original animated shorts set to the Études which will be available for download online and on Mobile Phone; a Special Music Video, a Flash based Browser Game by Johnny2Shoes, an interactive game for Mobile Phones and a book.
Opening the Imagine Festival at Southbank Centre, London will be the first place to screen this exciting new 3D extravaganza ahead of its World Premiere in the Forbidden City, Beijing later that month.
The World Exclusive Preview Screenings of The Flying Machine are supported by Sky3D, Southbank Centre and the Polish Cultural Institute.
ends. 13th December
Listings Information:
Date: Saturday 12th February 2011 – Red Carpet Tickets
Doors: 19.00 (19.30 screening time)
Prices: £20 & £25
Date: Sunday 13th February 2011
Doors: 0930 (1000 screening time), 1230 (1300 screening time)
1500 (1530 screening time), 1730 (1800 screening time)
Prices: £12.50 & £15 (50% discount available for concessions – limited tickets)
Book Tickets: 0844 875 0073 / 
Location: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX
Duration: 80 minutes