Lang Lang

Magic Piano-exclusive app for ipad-is available at Apple store

Make your own Magic
Inspired by world renowned pianist Lang Lang, Magic Piano was conceived and designed exclusively for the iPad.
Impress your friends with how quickly you've mastered "Flight of the Bumblebee" and "Für Elise", or just amuse yourself playing "Heart and Soul".
Play With the World!
Travel around the Smule Globe to find other Piano users. Select "duet mode" and Magic Piano will create warp holes to connect you with other Pianists.
To stay connected to a single individual, just say so, and play back and forth to your heart's content. Or just listen into other player's duets on the globe.
Anyone can Play
Perfect for people who've never played a piano before. Yet satisfying for accomplished musicians.
Play preloaded songs by following beams of light - and set the difficulty level depending on your Magic Piano expertise or your mood.
Make it your own
You get to determine what your keyboard looks like - if a standard piano has too many keys, you can reduce the number to what works for you.
And why does the keyboard have to be a straight line, when a circle is much more fun?