Lang Lang

Telefónica, Wayra and Lang Lang International Music Foundation set to find the most user friendly classical music application

- The winner of the "Lang Lang Challenge" will win 30,000 euros to develop the application.
- The jury will evaluate the proposals which have the highest level of technological development, usability and social sharing capabilities.


Madrid, March 20th, 2014.- Telefónica, Wayra and the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, have launched the "Lang Lang Challenge". The objective is to find the application that best helps discover, educate, share and / or learn to play classical music in the most attractive way possible. The winner of this challenge will win a prize of 30,000 euros to develop the application.

Telefónica, sponsor of the initiative, Wayra and Lang Lang International Music Foundation are launching this innovative competition with the aim to further spread classical music around the world. They also invite companies and individual developers with new Apps or proposals already available in the market which have a distinctive feature developed specifically for the pianist Lang Lang. It is an open and global competition that seeks to unify the diffusion of classical music through the various platforms offered by the new technologies.

This initiative follows other projects already carried out between Telefónica and the Chinese musician since 2011, when they both signed a partnership for the "best pianist in the world" to become "an international brand ambassador of Telefónica".

Taking part in the "Lang Lang Challenge" is very simple. Just follow the steps given in the following web: . The Apps must be developed in English or Spanish and must be available on iOS/Android and Firefox operating systems.

The jury will evaluate various criteria including the degree of technological development, usability and the ability to share socially. One of the main requirements of the challenge is that proposals must have a connection to Lang Lang either in the design or functionality.

The call opens today in all the Wayra academies present in 12 countries and it will close down on April 15, 2014. The results of the competition will be announced on 30 April. All information and presentation of projects will be submitted:


About Lang Lang

Lang Lang is more than a pianist. He has been defined by the New York Times as the highest-rated artist in the world of current classical music and by Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential personalities in the world.

The Chinese musician (born Shenyang, 1982) is a model of personal achievement for thousands of young people. His fame has transcended the sphere of classical music. He has millions of fans and represents the new image of China in an open and interconnected world where technology is the great ally.

The collaboration between Telefónica and the pianist began in 2011. Lang Lang has transformed the music scene, supported by a series of values which he shares with Telefonica, such as the transformation of the world through talent, innovation and deep social commitment. He has collaborated with young musical talents throughout the world.

Throughout these years, Lang Lang and Telefónica have collaborated in various activities such as lectures, concerts, whose objective in some cases is to spread the art of Lang Lang and others, to discover new talent or drive new shades of interpretation musical. One of these initiatives was the concert that was held on June 15, 2012, at the O2 World Arena Berlin to mark the 30th birthday of the interpreter. In this event 100 young virtuous from 13 countries played alongside Lang Lang for more than 10,000 people.