Lang Lang

Recording the Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack

Gran Turismo is my absolute favorite racing game – the speed, combined with the realism of the graphics and the sound, really gets my heart pumping. My schedule gets really crazy, and it feels great to just be able to relax and enter this thrilling world of car racing.

I was so excited to be asked to perform music for the soundtrack. Combining music and technology has always been something I’m passionate about, and this was the perfect opportunity. It might seem incongruous at first – classical music and video games – but the more we delved into what we could do with the music, the more excited I got. Classical music reflects the same passion and intensity as racing, and hearing these musical pieces that have stood the test of time for centuries brings a whole new element to sensation of racing.
When I recorded the music for GT5 in the studio, I felt like I was racing on the track – it was really thrilling. I’m sure this music will bring more passion and excitement to the game when you play too.