Lang Lang

Key to Success by Rebecca Tung

The following short essay provided by Rebecca Tung(11), from Bloomfield Hills Middle School has been submitted for a national short essay contest. The essay is about Lang Lang and is entitled "Key to Success". Great job Rebecca!
Determination is often defined as firmness of purpose or resoluteness. It is what makes a runner finish a marathon, a student graduate from college, or a musician continue to perform while criticized by others. This quality is what drove a small Chinese boy in the dirty streets of Shenyang and Beijing to persist and succeed.
A son of a telephone operator and vice cop, this young man Lang Lang continued to play the piano no matter how much his teachers berated him. When he was nine, Lang Lang moved away from his warm-hearted mother to live in Beijing in an apartment wreaking of urine and chilling to his bones. He dealt with a constantly changing teacher known as "Professor Angry," who always yelled, saying, "…played like a farmer…needed some more pizzazz," claiming that his music was, "…like water instead of Coca Cola." Still he persisted, entered the Beijing Conservatory, went on to win many illustrious competitions, and attended the Curtis Institute in America. He became a world-renowned pianist, and he has performed at Carnegie Hall, Ravinia and in front of Prince Charles and the President of the United States!
Lang had also taught me that with will power and the right attitude, one can achieve one's goals. If I really want, I can become the CEO of a major corporation, discover a cure for cancer, or become the president. Lang Lang has shown everyone that determination is the key to the future!